emform: Perfectly at home in your living room or office.

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emform: Perfectly at home in your living room or office.

Our company has been developing timeless and modern desk and living accessories for over 40 years now. In close collaboration with well-known designers like Winfried Scheuer, Tassilo von Grolman and Lutz Gathmann, we create premium-quality objects that we manufacture in small workshops under fair conditions.

We have been focusing on the development and sale of globes for around ten years. We now offer an extensive collection of 100 different models, all of which convince with their clear and creatively-oriented design language, excellent workmanship and multifunctional features. The use of durable materials, such as aluminium and plywood, ensures a consistently high standard of quality.

Mini globe

Small but MIND BLOWING! Our mini globes are an ideal gift for globetrotters and explorers. They cut a great figure anywhere with their sophisticated design, whether as decoration for your living room, dream catcher for your office or eye catcher for your travel agency. Our Orion mini globe can also be used as a piggy bank. What nicer way of saving for your next trip on holiday? All labels are provided in English.

Table globe

Whether as an educational globe, holiday planner or attractive eye-catcher on your desk, table-top globes from emform convince several times over. For example, our Juri, Saturn and Kosmos globes have two axes so you can explore every corner of the world without getting a crick in your neck. And our Terra Light illuminated globe even allows you to explore the earth in detail in the dark. All labels are provided in English.

Floor globe

We have worked hand-in-hand with the designer Lutz Gathmann and several others in the development our representative stand globes. Our Worldtrophy and Apollo 17 models have a second axis to make them even more flexible. Our Soyuz illuminated globe also lets you marvel at our blue planet at night, and is an attractive light source and eye catcher at the same time. All labels are provided in English.

Travel the World
NEW ZEALAND © NASA https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov

The enormous expanse of the world right in front of your eyes.

At emform, we always have the enormous expanse of the world at the forefront of our mind. With premium-quality globes that are timelessly attractive and packed with clever features. Take a look in our catalogue.

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NORTH SEA & DENMARK © NASA https://earthobservatory.nasa.gov

emform: In every corner of the world. Direct from Friesland, Germany.

emform was founded in 1979 by Erika and Dierk Müller. The company name is derived from the founders’ initials “E” and “M” and the word “form”. Jochen and Katja Müller now run the second generation of the family enterprise. The company is based in Bockhorn, North Germany, 60 kilometres northwest of Bremen. Here they have their company premises on an 16,500 m² areal with a 2,500 m² production facility.


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